this small fishing open boat was built in the 1980s in Ustka. She served well as fishing boat UST29 for over 25 years on the shore of the Baltic Sea. After complete renovation in the winter of 2016/2017 she has begun to serve as Gulf Star on the Bay of Gdańsk and the Motława River. Thanks to her compact scale the Star will be able to penetrate the least accessible areas of Gdańsk harbor waters. You can take advantage of the unique opportunity to get to know the harbor waters by riding the Gulf Star yourself. However, if you do not have the motor boat skipper’s certificate, we will provide the helmsman.

General data

  • Length over all - 7.60 m
  • Beam – 2.45 m
  • Crew - 8+2
  • Engine - MB 46 kW


used to be a training launch SZ-04 of the Polish Navy. Unfortunately, as soon as Poland joined NATO she became useless. This one of the oldest Polish laminate vessels has been part of our fleet since 2015. Complete renovation and a hybrid engine allowed us to start exploration of the Motława River already in the spring of 2017. The Star is capable of taking up to 8 passengers on board.